Most yeast infections are caused by a type of yeast called Candida albicans. Some women find inserting an unused tampon applicator filled with yogurt works well. While more clinical research is needed to confirm if coconut oil and MCT oil are potent against candida, it seems like a promising option. The aim is to prevent the vaginal area from being constantly warm, moist and airless. Each month before periods, there is a drop in your estrogen levels. Have an unusual vaginal discharge, and this is the first time you have had an infection that might be a vaginal yeast infection. For advertisers, in healthy newborns and infants, thrush is usually not a serious problem and is easily treated and cured. Tea tree oil and garlic both have antifungal properties, but there is not enough research to show that they are effective at treating a yeast infection (9,11). If you take antibiotic medication.

Speak to your GP if you experience frequent bouts of thrush.

There’s one other question to ask yourself first. That’s right, it exists, and it’s over the counter. Living, some women have many yeast infections. Before using a VYI treatment, you should see your doctor notably if : Studies have shown that up to 20% to 50% of all women normally carry yeast in the vagina without the presence of symptoms. Make sure you wipe from front to back after visiting the bathroom to prevent bacteria from the anus travelling to the vagina.

Sexually transmitted diseases treatment guidelines, 2020.

Treatment and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 1600 Clifton Road Atlanta, GA 30333 Phone: Over-the-counter treatments are often successful in treating mild yeast infections but these remedies aren’t as potent as prescription medicines. But sometimes this yeast grows too much and causes a yeast infection.

1 Boric acid is a white, crystalline chemical substance that has antifungal and antiviral properties. Dry with a clean towel, or even paper towels during the treatment period. Tips for Self-Care Some things you can do to prevent yeast infections may also treat a yeast infection once you have it. Our team of medical professionals has extensive experience consulting with patients about their treatment options, including both over the counter and prescription medicines, and can help you understand which method is right for you.


The oil in some medicines weakens latex, the material often used to make these devices. Department of Health and Human Services. If it becomes extremely uncomfortable to sit for extended periods of time, or to have sexual intercourse, you should consider seeking treatment instead. Also be careful with excessive antibiotic intake. Read more about yeast infections and vaginitis here. Treatment, to my surprise, I lost 15 pounds, my acne went away completely, and my hair and nails were longer and healthier. If you do get BV, remember you’re not alone.

You are more likely to use a treatment correctly and complete the treatment if you get to choose the type you prefer.

How can I prevent future yeast infections?

Most of the yeast infections are caused by the yeast Candida albicans and are easily treatable. Small numbers of Candida spp. Box 70620 Washington, DC 20204-9998 Phone: